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Political Science by Lee Pitts

On her way out the door to take a job with the UN´s UNICEF, Outgoing Ag Secretary Ann Veneman said she saw no reason to delay reopening the U.S. border to Canadian cattle. “Unless the investigation turns up something that is drastically different than the assumptions that were made in putting together the rule, I wouldn´t see a reason to change it,” she said.


Ah-hah! If you reread Veneman´s parting remarks you´ll notice that she admitted that the USDA based their rule to reopen the border on ASSUMPTIONS.… Read the rest


How Now, Mad Cow? — by Lee Pitts

All the recent media attention regarding Mad Cow Disease has raised some interesting questions. Such as…

Mad Cow Disease and been around for 15 years yet animal industries around the globe have used meat and bone meal as a feed ingredient since World War II. Why has BSE waited until now to raise its ugly head?


Britain stopped exporting contaminated cattle feed to other European countries in 1991.… Read the rest