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Nevada Ranchers Trounce BLM

The Filippinis and the Paris ranches in Central Nevada won a major decision in what has been a lengthy dispute with the Battle Mountain District of the Bureau of Land Management.


Supreme Court Hands Landowners a Victory

By a 5-4 vote the United States Supreme Court ruled on May 24 that landowners who sue local governments over land-use regulations are entitled to a trial by jury. The case, City of Monterey v. Del Monte Dunes, centered around plans for a 37 acre residential complex.


Clinton´s Legacy
— by Lee Pitts

We´re in the home stretch of the eight year Presidency of Bill Clinton and with the time he has left Bill wants to insure that he leaves behind more than a string of legal bills and off color jokes about cigars and interns.

The plan that the President has come up with to secure his place in history is called the Lands Legacy Initiative and it fits in nicely with his grand designs for a one world government. It also would solve the problem with what to do with the farms and ranches left behind by farmers and ranchers after being drowned by a sea of red ink caused by a flood of imports. The government might buy them and turn them into parks!