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VERY nicely done, you guys. I don´t know who is doing all your web work but it is gorgeous both from the perspective of the artist´s eye and the user´s mind.  You have developed such a nice, clean style in your layout and design, which I am sure made transitioning to the web so much smoother than it might have been.


Leellen Koroulis

Heads-up to 4-H and FFA families
by Leellen Koroulis This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This letter is offered to give a ‘heads-up’ to 4-H families and anyone who owns livestock in the state of Colorado and isn’t already aware of this issue.


Jeanne Charter
Shepherd, Montana

The worm finally seems to be turning, as beef is beginning to receive renewed and well-deserved respect as a superb, nutrient-rich, health-giving food. Recent attention has focused on its conjugated linoleic fatty acid (CLA) content which serves as a valuable metabolic regulator: CLA moderates insulin levels, which in turn reduces problems with obesity and the risk of diabetes and heart disease; CLA also blocks tumor growth. Interestingly, CLA content is reported to be highest in grass-fed beef.


Charles Brashears
Cuervo, New Mexico

I am just a plain ordinary American citizen, certainly not endowded with excessive useless, education. But I certainly do not have my head stuck in the ground like an ostrich!!

First, regarding gun control and the position the National Rifle Association has taken to stand up for the rightsof law abiding citizens. The right to bear and carry arms for their protection.


Gilles Stockton
Grass Range, Montana

The more I have been thinking about hormones and bananas -- the madder I have been getting. Obviously this country does not export bananas to Europe, but the Clinton Administration decided to take up the cause for Chiquita. Why, instead, didn´t our government move to protect sheep and cattle producers who are being hammered by a flood of imports?